Xining to improve the place name signs

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Yesterday, reporters from the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, in order to improve the signposts set, standardize the management of geographical names, the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to carry out the relevant investigations and for work on the day before. for the full specification of Xining City signposts set and management, give full play […]

The first Qinghai youth culture and Art Festival will be held in late October

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10 18 July, the United Provinces of Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League Committee of the next generation, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee, the provincial United Front Work Department, the construction of spiritual civilization, office of the steering committee of 17 commissioned Bureau, held 80 anniversary of victory of the long march […]

North District 3 years to cultivate businesses to break through the 20 thousand

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this year, North Duocuobingju efforts to cultivate the market main body development, accelerate the pace of economic development, and strive to the end of 2018, the rapid development of market players exceeded 20 thousand, reaching 24848. to accurately grasp the new opportunities for market development, adapt to the new normal economic development district, combined with […]

Practice the core values of Qinghai in action

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cultivate and practice the socialist core values, Qinghai has been in action! for thousands of years, the people of Qinghai and the extremely harsh natural conditions of tenacious struggle, endless, multiply and develop, creating the material civilization of Qinghai, but also to create a spiritual civilization in Qinghai. in the party’s mass line of educational […]

City Commission for discipline inspection organized a national civilized city to create a clean and

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August 16th morning, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection Organization to create a national civilized city clean and efficient government environment construction working group member unit held its first meeting. In charge of the leadership of the municipal office, the municipal government office, the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal […]

Carrying out 12 measures to promote the healthy development of medical and health undertakings in Xi

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Urban and rural residents family doctor signing rate of 71.5%, the establishment of basic drugs zero slip sales publicity commitment system, the formation of the county medical conjoined, build digital health service platform…… Xining city always adhere to promote health care reform and the health work as an important task to protect and improve people’s […]