Chain corporation how site (two)

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real estate developers are as a site for head broken and bleeding at the same time, we have to consider why, it is because of the geographical location caused by the importance of visible geographical location of the chain store location is also very important. , a chain enterprise location confusion: the lack of standardized […]

Magic toy store money what techniques have

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for people who want to start a business, choose a good entrepreneurial project is very necessary, business magic toy store, you must pay attention to methods, as long as the method, it is expected to succeed, in order to create the most beautiful future. So, the magic toy store how to operate in order to […]

Donghua University of science and technology was awarded the Central Committee of the college studen

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can improve the quality of entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial students fundamentally so the multiple universities began to open innovation and entrepreneurship education, Donghua Polytechnic University, approved the National College KAB entrepreneurship education base". 3 31 July April 1st, jointly sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the National Youth Federation, the National Federation […]

Business opportunities on campus

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campus is a good place for students to learn, but with the increasing number of college students entrepreneurial phenomenon, more and more campus business opportunities are found by us, was captured by businesses. So, what are the business opportunities hidden in the campus? May wish to understand!

How to open stores of dumplings

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is a dumpling of good meaning in China, so to join the project with dumplings, only slightly made features, is in the market is a good operating state, because people are no love to eat dumplings, the dumplings is very hot, then open a store like dumplings? Xiao Bian introduced. open dumplings franchise, with a […]